Been A Tough Winter

As I sit watching sleet fall in truckloads on my backyard, I am reminded that the Earth is not much different than me in some ways. I’m a person effected by sin in every area of my life. I’m not proud of it and I want to be different. I’ve tried to work hard to change things on my own power and that went about as smooth as ketchup on watermelon. I’m a man in the middle of the ocean with suntan lotion and a floatie. I’m just teasing myself thinking I can change me by my own power. Hard to admit but it’s undeniable. I have no key to these chains that bind me.

The grace of God through Christ did what I could never do on my own— set me fee from the bondage of sin. Gave me a new life, restored me.

The Earth we walk on bears the mark of sin too. That’s why it’s always spitting out something or shaking beneath us or throwing things down on us. Scripture tells us the Earth is groaning. Like us it wants to be set free. It wants to go back to life before the Fall. It wants to be whole again. And also like us, one day it will. As you see below in Romans. 8, we are not the only one longing for Jesus to return.

19 For the creation eagerly waits for the revelation of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility—not willingly but because of God who subjected it—in hope 21 that the creation itself will also be set free from the bondage of decay into the glorious freedom of God’s children. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers together until now. 23 Not only this, but we ourselves also, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we eagerly await our adoption, the redemption of our bodies.

5 thoughts on “Been A Tough Winter

  1. Good stuff. We are so focused on us that we give little or no attention to the sounds of groaning. Thanks for a moment of shaking and awakening. Sent from my iPhone


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