“We live and die; Christ died and lived!” — John Stott

Jesus reversed what has been inevitable, death. Death has always had it’s way with us. No scientific find, exercise regime, careful living, medication, or anything else has ever had an answer for death. Jesus…. He conquered it. He went to death’s home turf, the grave, and overcame it. He was the first in the history of mankind to take on death and win. Then he shared that same victory with us! He did not share his strategy or some three step plan to overcome death… He took care of it completely for us. All we have to do is REST in Jesus. That is Easter.


  1. My SPECIAL FRIEND, God has given you a very special gift with words. Not only that, but one of the BEST personalities of anyone I know. You are and will be ONE of the best soldiers of the cross……………..Your friend. DON YOUNG

  2. I really love how you bring things out that make us all think! You have so many gifts Dax! Writing and expressing these things about Christ is so touching to me. So very proud of how in so little words, you say so many things that really make me think, yes that is true! I love reading this blog!! Awesome!

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