My lover is mine and I am his.  

                                                                          Song of Solomon 2:16

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and most guys are left scrambling for last minute gift ideas. So often it becomes a day for hurried gifts with little thought and creativity. It’s almost as if the man is saying if i can just survive this day without my wife wanting to kill me for being a bad husband then I am clear! THE MAN COMES ACROSS MORE LIKE A ROBOT THAN CASANOVA.

So much money is spent on gifts that don’t really speak the love language of the spouse. If I bought my wife diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day she would appreciate the gesture but it doesn’t speak her love language. It would NOT communicate how much I love her and why I love her the way I do. She is not ungrateful for a gift from me but there are better ways for me to communicate my love for her.

Here are some creative ideas that you might consider try or even add to your gift to make it more thoughtful and meaningful to your wife. Wives you could use these ideas for your husband as well:

  1. This is very easy to do. All you need is sticky notes and a pen. You will want to do this after your wife goes to bed. You are going to be putting out the sticky notes in places she will look that morning. Examples: By her toothbrush. On the milk carton. On her driver’s seat. By her keys. On each sticky note put a letter of the word you want to reveal to her. Choose a word that describes your feelings for your wife. Some ideas are PASSION, JOY, EVERYTHING, SWEETHEART. Whatever word you choose you will need a sticky note for each letter so think about how long you want it to be. Take a sticky note and place one letter on it. Underneath the letter write something affectionate to your wife. For example, lets say you use the word “JOY.” you might place a “J” by her toothbrush with something written under it like this: I want you to know that marrying you was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Your presence reminds me everyday of why I am so thankful for my life. Think it through and say something meaningful and deep to her. Don’t be scared to look online for ideas of how to express your love. You want it to count. If you feel it and someone expressed it better than you could nothing wrong with stealing that! So after you place the “J” place the “O” and the “Y” somewhere. She will read the notes you put on it but she may not figure out the word that you chose. If she doesn’t that is good because when she comes and tells you how much the notes meant you can use that time to draw her attention to the words made by the letters on the note. That would be a perfect time to hand her a gift if you got her something too.
  2. Take a notecard and write out ten reasons “WHY” you love your spouse. So often we tell them we love them without ever telling them why. For example you might write something like the following: I love you for being such a good listener to me when I need it the most; I love you for knowing what pleases me; I love you for being an amazing mom; I love you for the way you look at me when we are in public. These are just some ideas. You communicate in your own words why you love her. This will mean a lot to her. I recommend putting it with a gift. I can almost guarantee she will treasure the notecard over the gift.
  3. Clean the house. I mean scrub it good! For my wife, if she came home to a spotless house and I either cooked or ordered food and had it ready to go when she arrived, she would be ecstatic. Ecstatic is a very good thing for you here!
  4. Take her to the place you met, or you proposed, or a special place that you have together. Write her a note and read it to her. Tell her why she is a blessing from God to you. Express your undying love to her. Come form the heart. Don’t hold back. She is worth it!
  5. For the really bold– Proclaim your love publicly. Make letters out of cardboard or buy letters that you can hang and put them on the garage door or hang them in front yard for your wife to see when she comes in. This is bold because you might feel extra vulnerable and maybe even embarrassed but think how much it will mean to your wife that you put yourself out there like this!

Whether you use one of these ideas or not, try and be creative this year. Take the time to let your spouse know how much of a blessing from God they are to you!

Please share if you feel it would be a blessing to someone else to read.




  1. This is beautiful DAX………… impress me with almost every action you take.    LOVE YOU AND YOURS DY

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