Israel Needs You Church



Israel Needs You Church

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!     Psalm 122:6                                                     

God chose them to be His people. Jesus was born among them. The nation of Israel was at the forefront of God’s plan. Yet, they were embattled and persecuted by every Supreme Power throughout history. Today there is an ever growing call from within the church to support the nation of Israel. To defend their sovereignty against those who oppose them. To be there for Israel in their time of need.

I couldn’t agree more! They need the church to rally behind them. Israel is important to God and part of His plan of redemption. Problem is, what in the world is support for Israel look like? Do we send them soldiers or saints? Do we offer treasures of this world or treasure eternal? Saying we support them is not enough. We need to know what that support looks like in accordance to the will of God.

A few facts to consider in making a strategy of support:

  • 2 percent of Israel claims to be Christian. Consider there are 8.5 million people currently in Israel. 2 Percent is 170,000 out of 8,500,000.
  • Now consider, 80 percent of those who are Christian in Israel are Arabs! That is 136,000 of the 170,000.
  • That means only around 34,000 of the 8,5000,000 people who are true Israelites claim Christianity.
  • Only 20 percent of those 34,000 are Evangelical. So 6,800 of 8,500,000 are Evangelical Christian Israelites! This .08 percent of the population.
  • For perspective, we run 2,000 people at our church at Heartland Worship Center. That would be 2 people out of 2,000 that are Evangelical Christian! McCracken County is around 65,000 people. That would mean 52 are Christian! There are around 322,000,000 people in the United States. This would mean 257,600 would be Christian. This would be like the city of Lexington being the only Christians in the whole Unites States!

So consider this scenario. The church rallies behind politicians who support Israel. The church prays for Israel’s relations with those who hate Israel and want to terrorize it. We fly the Israel flag at our church and educate our people on the importance of Israel as the seed of God’s future city. We do all of this and things get better and Israel prospers and over 8,000,000 of them eventually die and go to Hell without Jesus.

Is our goal to support Israel by defending its sovereignty as a nation or evangelize its people so they won’t be condemend? As the church, who yearns to spread the gospel and make the name of Jesus famous, what we need to pray for and use our resources for is the spreading of the gospel to Israel, a nation without Christ. That is the greatest support we could ever offer Israel.

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