My 7 Year Olds Devotional Entry

Let me translate my 7 year old’s handwriting. He is responding to the question, “what worries you?” Here is his answer:

Sin worries me. Let Him be inside you. Talk to Him and He will make things right.

Is there anything that can move me more as a dad than to see my son be honest about his own sin and His need for God? Noah is diligent about his devotionals and I am touched often by his honest reflection about God and himself. I am challenged and humbled by my son. I believe one day God is going to use Noah in a powerful way. I pray every day He will not miss what God is calling him too.

We need to pray for our kids to be used by God. We need to provide them with opportunity to grow in God’s word. We need to set the example for them on what it looks like to follow Christ.

I praise God today for my kids and their growing hunger for Christ!

4 thoughts on “My 7 Year Olds Devotional Entry

  1. How precious! Now what makes you think that we could not decipher Noah’s handwriting? Any parent, grandparent or great grandparent can read 7 yr. old handwriting! LOL Be a proud papa as you should be, he has a big heart!

    We love y’all!

  2. I have no notes such as this. What I have is my first bible given to me when I accepted Christ as my savior at 12 years old. It is full of notes I wrote then, scriptures I had underlined. It is interesting to read now at 75 years old to see what was being preached and how I reacted to it. Darrell

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