Why God Created You To Work

23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, Colossians 3:23

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go! 

That was the bumper sticker on the car in front of me today as I drove to work. Kind of sums it up doesn’t it? Most of us begrudgingly trek to work every day out of necessity. For the blessed few who love what they do (like me!) you don’t hate it but it still is a job. There are stressful days, frustrations with people, difficult tasks. The burden we carry in our job can be heavy. We can easily lose our joy if we lose sight of the bigger picture. Working for money or a better position or to pay the bills is less than satisfying. It will suck the life from us. What we need is vision. We need to catch a vision for why God wants us to work. When He created the universe he declared it work and called the result good. The seventh day He took a well deserved break. He then created man and woman and told them to work to subdue the earth. This might surprise you but work is not a product of the fall. Adam and Eve were working before they ate of the forbidden fruit. After the Fall the earth just stopped cooperating. Work became a lot harder but they still were called to do it. They were created to do so. And so are we.

Maybe we need to catch a vision for why God created work. We need to understand that he made us so that we need to be doing something that contributes to a greater purpose than ourselves, something that benefits others, and ultimately glorifies His name. You can do this in whatever you are called to do. And we need to see it as a calling and not just a job.  If you are a teacher, then you sharpen your skills to be the best communicator of knowledge possible because you know God loves truth. If you are a shoemaker then you don’t have to  put a cross on the shoe to glorify God but you make the best shoe you possibly can because God is honored by precision and quality. If you stay at home then you create a home of order and hospitality because your God brings order to all things. Whatever your job is you need to catch a vision for how God can be glorified in it. He wants you to work towards a pattern of excellence in whatever you do because He is glorified in that. 

It does not matter where you land on the pay scale, if you are in management, or whether you use your hands, mind, or both for your job. Whatever you do, catch a vision for why God has you there. When you put your best effort and keep the right attitude in your job, others will notice. When they notice they will wonder why you work so hard. You will have opportunity to glorify God in an even greater way, by sharing your faith with them. When they ask why you work so hard, you declare that you do it to glorify your Father in Heaven. Tell your boss when he or she evaluates you. Tell your employees when they thank you. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t hesitate. Speak it boldly with love. Your hard work has given you a voice with them. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Work hard but don’t forget to rest. God did! You need it. It creates rhythm in your life. It makes you appreciate more the value of rest. Lay your tools down and breathe. Put your computer away and let your mind wonder. Put up the paperwork and worship. Find rest emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

You spend a lot of time doing what you do. Don’t waste it on selfish pursuits. Don’t work yourself to death for things that you can’t take with you. What does God want to do in you at your job? Gain eternal perspective. Glorify Him in whatever you do!


8 thoughts on “Why God Created You To Work

  1. Thank you again for a wake up call. I am retired from teaching, but not retired from work. May I go through my daily work with a new vision…excellence, creativity, helpfulness, beauty, order, hospitality, generosity, and love. This kind of work will glorify my Lord. How easily I forget and slip into seeking affirmation from my family and friends.

  2. i work for my family, i work for myself, i work because i have to to pay bills. but if i didn’t have to pay bills or have money or earn bucks to eat or live… i wouldn’t. i’d be able to spend more time learning, growing as a person and with the ones i love.
    god is not responsible to for the need to work. but if he were, he’d also be responsible for the consequences of lost time and effort and opportunities as well. things you can never get back. i don’t work to “glorify” anyone.

    1. Your comments are welcome here Kia. If God is not my reason I would see it the same way as you. Living for Him changes my perspective. Even though you would not do the same I am sure you can see how that would be the case if you did.

      1. i was under the impression you were looking for input as well. didn’t mean to denigrate your POV. it’s one i held for almost as long as you’ve been alive 🙂

  3. I have seen my job as a drudgery in times past (well, to be truthful, I still often do). But, I have seen so many opportunities to make a difference in the place I have worked. There are those that have come in just needing a smile. I am able to do that. There are those that need inspiration – God has allowed me to be that to a few. I have even had the ability to change the way my boss has related with each of us, by offering merely a kind word. I strive for excellence. I desire to be the best at what I do, even though I am only one of many Customer Service Representatives that do the same job I do, I know that to each person that calls in, there is a potential that what I put my hands to do makes a difference to someone. I am sad for those that aren’t able to see beyond the earthly benefits of a work. I do want to bring glory to my King, my Master in all areas of my life.
    Thanks Dax for your labor of love 🙂

  4. I’m afraid that when I worked we were always so busy that I didn’t think of it in the way you have expressed it. I wish I had. Praying for you and the other pastor and staff to have a Blessed week

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