Last Week Of Jesus- Monday

Jesus Cleanses the Temple12 And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. Matthew 21:12

Mondays can be depressing. Jesus would agree. On this Monday, the beginning of His last week on earth, He is in His Father’s house. To His dismay, there are money changers and sellers of pigeons in the temple, making more than a buck off of people trying to worship God.

This angered Jesus. He went to see God’s people and what he saw was anything but a sign of sincere faith and worship. The word tells us Jesus got really mad. He had righteous indignation to the degree that he flipped their tables over and sent their things flying. Did I mention the temple would have been packed? It is the start of Passover week, the most Holy Week of the Jewish calendar. Jesus made quite the scene on this start of the holiday. As the sheckels flew, clattering on the floor, no one could miss Jesus message.

What angered Jesus to this degree? He could not take those using His Father’s name for their own selfish gain. He was angry to see them claim faith only when it benefited them. Today, we can be guilty of the same. We follow Christ when it is convenient. We will serve Him if it fits our schedule. We will worship Him if it is in a church setting. We will pray if it’s meal time. We go through the motions and pay our dues but are we all in, sold out to Him?

Jesus disturbed the temple. He kicked the anthill and sent the money changers and animal sellers running. We need to be disturbed by Jesus today. We need Him to unsettle us. To move us out of complacency into pursuit of Him. We need Him to stir up our affections for each other, to love more than we do. We need Him to break our hearts for the lost around us so that we are compelled to share. Jesus unsettle us today. We don’t want to be complacent!

As we start this week before Easter, may God renew in us a passion for Him. Don’t settle for anything less!

5 thoughts on “Last Week Of Jesus- Monday

    1. KIA, I don’t know for sure. There was a certain section in the temple courts where the money changers and pigeon sellers. It would have been an open courtyard where I would think only a few tables would have been set up. I have had the roivikeg rod going to Israek and walking in the temple courtyard. It is a fairly small area all things considered. The tables would have had things like oil, salt, wine, and sheckels and Roman coins for interchanging

      1. The Christians NIV Study Bible had the courage to fully explain this:

        “The Temple Area: the buying and selling took place in the large outer court of the Gentiles, which covered several acres.” Several courts surrounded the main temple buildings, including the court of the women, the court of the men and the court of the Gentiles. The Court of the Gentiles was used by Gentiles to worship (King Solomon also opened the Temple to non-Jews). The Gentiles saw that the Jewish pilgrims coming to the Passover needed animals that met the Jewish ritual requirements for sacrifice. Gentile vendors set up their animal pens and money tables in the court of the Gentiles.”

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