When One Hurts, We Rally

picture taken by Josh Amyx.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

Good friends of mine lost their house in a fire this week. They lost everything but pot holders, a signed basketball, and a few pictures salvaged. Fortunately, their lives were spared. And of course that is really what matters. Nevertheless,  I am hurting for them and the loss of not only their valuables but those things that cannot be replaced… pictures and awards and certificates that are precious to us as families.

Their loss ignited an outpouring. Our church rallied. The amount of prayers and support would inspire the greatest doubter that people can really care. It was inspiring to see. It reminded me of an absolute truth… We need each other.  You really do need your church. You might think you don’t but I assure you God never intended you to go it alone. We don’t need the church only to receive but for us to give as well.

We need each other. The body of Christ was meant to be a group of people that do life together. That love each other and rally around its members when they are hurting. The body is not always perfect in this. There are times where people slip through the cracks and feel neglected. Sometimes it is because they Attend the church but are not connected to the church. There is a difference. God intended the church body to be a close, connected community that loves each other.

We need each other. We were never meant to do this life alone. We need those outside of our immediate family to love us. So often when something happens it effects our family and those outside of it are the ones who can comfort us and love on us in our greatest time of need. It shows us how much God loves us when church people rally to show us support. It is supernatural. It is God’s will for His body.

We need each other. We need each other to share our burdens with; to celebrate our joyous moments; to grow together in the Lord; to raise our kids together; to serve with one another. To come together as a community that we can be real with. It is an authentic community. I am accepted and loved just as I accept and love others in return.

We need each other. When life throws us a curveball, we need others to help hold us up; to help us find perspective; to hold us while we grieve; to help us pick up the pieces and move forward. God wants His body to take care of each other. Christ would have us reach the world with the gospel but if the church doesn’t care for its own, how will our message be received?

The church is not the church if it doesn’t care for its own in the name of Jesus.


4 thoughts on “When One Hurts, We Rally

  1. Exhibiting The best part of humanity. I would have agreed before that it could only be motivated by the holy spirit thru his people in Christ. But really, there’s nothing here more than beautiful people doing beautiful things for each other in times of great need. To ascribe it to the biblical God and say people would not have done otherwise except for God’s work in their hearts and lives cheapens and discounts and denigrates the motivations and actions of very real people, in order to give credit where none is due.
    Dis the God of the bible protect that family’s house from being burned in the first place? Why give the biblical God credit for saving the family’s lives and motivating the church’s response yet let him off the hook for not having protected them from the fire to begin with?
    Cuts both ways if you think about it. But as a christian, I never though about it enough to ask these questions. I just praised God and praised his people who had been spirit led to ‘be the church’.
    What they are being is Human. The best exhibition of what humanity has to offer each other.
    Kindness, compassion, empathy and loving response to tragedy. Praise Humanity. Don’t denigrate who we ARE and what we are capable of by giving credit where literally none is due, namely to the God of the bible. He wasn’t there. People were.

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