Sometimes They Will Hate Us

“For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.”  Romans 1:21-23

Over the past few months, I have engaged in dialogue with those who deem themselves atheists. Consider there are two types of atheists you will encounter if you share your faith. There are atheists who don’t give any credence to faith but are not necessarily looking to proselytize Christians to their side. They do not believe in Jesus but can recognize benefits Christianity has in the world. There are also atheists who see it as their mission to attack Christianity.

This is the group I have encountered lately. They cannot stand the idea that Christians would “judge” them as someone needing to hear the Gospel. Filled with much pride, they despise being seen as a target of our evangelism. They get very defensive and spit out vile attacks. Why? Because they have to constantly defend their view. There can be no possibility they might be wrong. The very idea the Gospel is true is condemning, so they attack it vigorously. I have been called every name imaginable in trying to dialogue with them. They get personal quickly.  They hate easily.

But it’s not me they hate. It’s Jesus. Like Romans 1 predicted, they claim to be wise but are fools in their thinking. They are deceived.

Here are some things to consider if you find yourself speaking to those who attack your faith:

1) Don’t Get Defensive– As Christians, attacking back is not the answer. We have to give a solid defense of what we believe and not back down from the truth, but our conversation must be seasoned with grace and respect. I have failed in this often. It is hard to stay kind when being attacked.

2) God Will Have the Final Word- They will blaspheme God and insult Him with poisonous vile. God doesn’t need us to be His defender, though. When they attack God, don’t feel pressured to change their minds. I know all too well I cannot. I am confident God will have the final word. He will call all men to account. “‘Vengeance is mine,’ says the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

3) Your Calling is to Love– It’s easy to love someone who responds well to us. Not so easy when they attack us. Yet, God tells us to love those who persecute us. Our kindness reaps hot coals on their heads with hope it will lead to repentance. Love is the only  way. First Corinthians tells us love is patient and kind. They need to see that from us. When they do, we are a living display of the Gospel to them. One of the most loving acts you can do is pray for them by name. Lift them up to the Lord, and ask Him to move in their hearts. He alone can transform them.

When we share the faith, there are going to be those who attack us. We should not be surprised. Jesus was attacked and killed for speaking the truth. So were the apostles. We should expect no different when we are faithful to share. Let’s not hate those who speak against us but love them. Nor let fear or anything else shut our mouths from proclaiming the Gospel.  ~Dax

43 thoughts on “Sometimes They Will Hate Us

  1. The longer I have walked with the Lord, the more I recognize I do not need to defend Him or His Word. I am not responsible to change a heart. I am only responsible to deliver the Good News. Brother Dax you are delivering a message on very rocky soil. Just keep spreading the seeds.

  2. i have met two people who claim to be atheists I did get to share how the lord had changed my life I don’t believe either one was a true atheists I believe they said that to get rid of me I learn years ago we cant change anyones mind the lord does that through the holy spirit we as Christians are to sow the seed I met a lady in the hospital a few years back..i asked her if I could pray she told me she didn’t believe in prayer I left with tears in my eyes she was not at the bottom old saying no atheists in fox holes they well call on god in a difficult time

  3. i’m not atheist myself, but dax… when was the last time an atheist told you he hated you? -KIA

    1. Two days ago actually. Arkenaton said many things worse than that. Several have cussed me, called me Dr D (I think you came up with that one yourself) and other things that would make my mom blush. Pretty sure they would have spit on me and worse given the chance

      1. hated is a strong term. sometimes i think there’s a false meme going around circles that if people disagree or even call you names, it means they hate you. it’s really all in the mind how we interpret opposition unless they actual do say.. they hate you.

      2. they don’t hate you. i don’t think any of the regulars i converse with would say that they ‘hate’ any christian. i’ve never heard anything of the sort

      3. That might be true. Some of the ones I dialogues wig did not. I mention in my blog not all do. I made hat distinction. Some want to “wipe us off face of the earth.” Trays a quote by one to me

      4. wipe you off the face of the earth? wow that does sound Medieval. (or at least Antedeluvian) just kidding. couldn’t help myself

      5. seriously folks… only gods threaten people with extermination, genocide and ‘wiping off the face of the earth’

      6. how do you think those who don’t believe in jesus the way you do feel when christians threaten them with eternal torment and punishent in hell for not believing?
        would they possibly also feel they are being ‘hated on’ like you do when people just mock you or your beliefs?
        sword cuts both ways, brother.

      7. promoting a siege mentality is the very definition of ‘defensiveness’ by the way. one of the things you are saying in the post not to do.

      8. by the way, those paul is referring to in the passage you quote are not unbelievers. they are jews who have rejected their messiah

      9. KIA those are definitely not Jews. He says they deny existence of God yet He is evident in creation. One thing a Jewish person would never do is deny God’s existence. This is in reference to Gentiles who denied God existed.

      10. look again. he’s describing those who knew god, who deliberately changed the image of their god, who ‘exchanged’ the god they had for that which was not god… and god, who they belonged to before, ‘gave them up’. paul’s invective was towards the jews, his brothers, for having known god, and then rejected the messiah they were waiting for. paul is not talking about unbelievers or gentile pagans, but jews who ‘became’ darkened and paganistic after having the light.
        21 Because that, when they ‘knew God’, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
        22 Professing themselves to be wise, they ‘became’ fools,
        23 And ‘changed’ the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
        25 Who ‘changed’ the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

      11. Romans 1:16 shows us it’s probably both Gentile and Jew. Regardless they have rejected the truth and no longer acknowledge God. This Romans 1:20.

      12. And unbeliever in my understanding is someone who is not of the faith. Who rejects the truth. Paul is referring to those outside the fsith

      13. Kia I completely agree with you. When Chrsitians use Hell as an attack it is egregious. I am not saying I have not been guilty but only when I have allowed myself to get frustrated. I believe He’ll is real and that Christians should never use it as a weapon. Instead the gospel is about love and grace. That should be the message. You are correct that it is not always.

    2. You are pathetic. A sycophantic hypocrite. A fool. You deceive children.

      That’s a few comments. Yeah there is hate there I would say. No way to color that as less than despising ne

  4. You have given some very good advice here. I too had to contend with a few Atheists on Youtube, wo where taking the Bible out of context in an attempt to try to deceive others into believing that God condons oppressive slavery. God led me to point scriptures that proved their claims were false, and of course, they went to the attack. As you stated it is pride that hinders them. In some cases, I do believe that some people choose to be Atheists, as a result of being offended or hurt by a hypocritical Christian. In any event, we must continue to pray that these Atheists and Agnostics will have a life experience, that opens the door for them to encounter God and learn for themselves of His existence, love, and forgiveness.

  5. sorry brother you’re wrong on the passage. how many church splits and denoms do you think started with just those words? (just trying to inject some levity)

    1. It’s really not something Christians would disagree with here. Romans 1 is written to those who are no longer following God, thus the hard words. God gives them over to their foolishness. It will be their downfall. Atheists fit this as well. This is why we share the gospel. Because we don’t want to see them condemned by folly

      1. i was christian for 34yrs (the better part of your life, brother). my particular ‘tribe’ taught exactly as i explained to you. it’s easy to throw out the ‘christians wouldn’t disagree’ but you don’t speak, not even your particular flavor or christianity speaks for ‘christians’ in general. that’s what i meant by the referece to splits and denoms.

      2. i’m sure you can’t imagine so, and we weren’t talking about the whole of 1 and 2. that’s the problem. they can’t imagine seeing it your way either.

      3. sorry, not going into the section as a whole with you. i was referring to the portion you posted

      4. no bible study, but yes… chapter 1 and 2 are towards the jews, using the gentiles as a counter example. that’s all the further i will go.

      5. Sure. I agree with that. I think it refers to both. My point is both are considered outside the faith in their state by Paul. Not seeing them as believers but deceived by their own dneiak

      6. Yes sorry. I was waiting to post it until I finished these posts for a devotional book we are doing. I have one more and then yours. Thanks for doing it!

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