Interview with a Kia pt2: Turn about is Fair Play

KIA and I have been in a dialogue over the last several months about the faith. I am firmly planted in the faith and he has left the faith. I interviewed him and to keep it fair, he has now interviewed me. While he only gave me three questions I do see them as set up questions for he and his entourage to “catch” me in what they will deem fallacious arguments. Nevertheless, I answered them honestly. I am not using these answers to try and prove my faith. There are times when I will defend and argue the faith. Maybe through discussion from here I will do that. BUT, my answers to his questions were not that. They were my honest reflections.

11 thoughts on “Interview with a Kia pt2: Turn about is Fair Play

  1. Why so defensive? I have not been dishonest or abusive. It’s not fair to couch your reblog in order to make it seem as if I have been. Discussion involves open discussion, not prejudgement of motives. I have not prejudgement yours yet in your opening statement on your reblog you have already judged mine.

    1. Just going by the comments on your blog by people. The question set me up for these things. I willingly answer them though. I am not upset with it. i just make an observation.

      1. They were not abusive either. They were not set up questions. They were honest questions hoping, as you said you desired, to spark open discussion. Did you not want that?

      2. I do. I say that mainly for my audience as they observe. Remember, I am having many personal discussions with people I see regularly who read this. There is another dialogue occurring. I am answering some things there that have been raised to me.

      3. I’d like to do maybe a series of posts back and forth on your answers, where I take one of the three and we discuss you and I. Sound reasonable?

      4. I would most likely shoot for Friday or Saturday posts. I agree, Sundays can be crazy. I used to get up earlier for service and worship prep than I did for work the rest of the week

      5. Yes. And sorry for any defensiveness in tone. I honestly don’t feel it but I am clarifying for some i am speaking too. I am excited about dialoguing with you though I will frustrate you. I am well aware there is not a lot of hard facts for me to present. Going to be a lot of faith and scandal (the gospel is scandalous) and crazy talk:) That is my faith though. look forward to it.

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