Turn about is Fair Play: Brother Dax Responds

KIA and I have been in a dialogue over the last several months about the faith. I am firmly planted in the faith and he has left the faith. I interviewed him and to keep it fair, he has now interviewed me. While he only gave me three questions I do see them as set up questions for he and his entourage to “catch” me in what they will deem fallacious arguments. Nevertheless, I answered them honestly. I am not using these answers to try and prove my faith. There are times when I will defend and argue the faith. Maybe through discussion from here I will do that. BUT, my answers to his questions were not that. They were my honest reflections.

The Recovering Know It All

The Interviewer Responds…

No… not THAT Christian…

Hi there all you wonderful people. My earlierPOSTon this brother’sBLOGansweringquestions for me a Christian Deconvert went so well and was such a success for civil and polite exchange that we decided it would be nice to do another. This time I will ask the questions and Dax of “The Infected Saint” will do the answering.

I’ve taken it easy on him, as you can see, and only included three questions to his six for me, but I have to admit they are a bit heavy, “Bang for the Buck” if you will.

Here they are, so why not tell me how he did in the comments below.

While you’re at it, if you are a believer in Jesus or a Christian of any stripe, why not take a crack at the questions yourself? I’m open to discussion and exchange…

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2 thoughts on “Turn about is Fair Play: Brother Dax Responds

  1. Thanks Dax for entering into this conversation. You are a blessing.

    Todd Gray Regional Consultant, KBC West Kentucky Region (270) 889-4276 todd.gray@kybaptist.org

    The Cooperative Program enables me to serve nearly 500 Kentucky Baptist Churches in the West Region, and their Leadership, as they seek to reach Kentucky and the World for Christ.

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