4 Reasons Boycotting the National Anthem Hurts Rather Than Heals

It is a privilege to live in the USA, an honor most of us take for granted on a daily basis. While many still face prejudice, even that is quite tame to the immense freedom and prosperity all enjoy in our amazing country.

So our NFL players got the idea that kneeling during the National Anthem and saluting of flag would evoke change. Since they are boycotting the flag, are they also willing to boycott the freedoms that come with it? I think not.

From my perspective, the problem with NFLers demonstrating during the National Anthem is multi-fold:

1) The National Anthem, along with saluting the flag, is not the issue nor does it represent the issue.

The National Anthem resounds with powerful words of freedom and patriotism. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed for the words of that song to be more than just words. When people kneel when it is sung, it is disrespecting the sacrifice of our ancestors and legacy of their bravery. If you want to make a statement about racism and injustice, pick another way. It feels like you are throwing the baby out with the bath water here.

2) Americans are guilty of giving their sports heroes credibility in subjects they don’t deserve.

Yes, they are incredible athletes who have risen to the top of their sport. They are not politicians, historians, attorneys, orators or anything else they often try to represent. We must recognize this fact. Sure they have a right to express their opinion, but we should not give so much credence to them just because they can throw and catch a ball well. We empower their voice to be more than it really is, more than we ought to.

3) We have to be more direct in dealing with the problems.

Kneeling during the anthem doesn’t make change. It only causes controversy and divisiveness. Change comes when influencers of all races come together to find forgiveness and set the tone for peace and unity. Standing as one – a team representing a diverse group of people united for a common purpose – is far more effective in the fight against division. On the field and in every facet of life.

4) Boycotting the National Anthem is hypocritical.

You can’t boycott the symbol of freedom, yet partake in all its blessings, and be taken as an authentic voice of change. I don’t think racism is acceptable on any level.  However, protesting this way is not only ineffective but makes the situation even worse. The hypocrisy of the athletes has only brought more unhealthy intensity to the issues, and we are more divided than ever.

In this great country, we do have a right to protest. But we have a greater responsibility to love, to respect, to uphold each other. To stand as one nation under God, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all. With this pursuit, may the only knee we take be to the One who can bring us all together.

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Boycotting the National Anthem Hurts Rather Than Heals

  1. This is my take on it and thanks for a well-written article. Do I particularly like them kneeling? No, but in fairness most of the outrage is coming from the white community (And yes I am white). While I think some of it has become a reaction to President Trump, I think some of the players are sincere and I have no real issue with kneeling before or after the anthem. That being said this “boycott the NFL” is a bit much. I have found that most people who are boycotting the NFL, were never that big of fans anyway. Nationally the NFL is the most popular sport in the United States. It is the Deep South where college football is bigger but that is not the case in many areas.

    For me it comes down to why they are protesting.I hate playing the race card and I hope I don’t offend but a lot of the outrage comes from people who are Trump supporters and are white. This is a race and political issue whether we want to admit to that or not (it took me a while to realize that). If any of us (or most of us) reading this were not white and not Conservative, I suspect the viewpoint would be quite different.

    It is worth noting and I am not trying to stir things up but I think it has to be said but so many people are against these players exercising their First Amendment rights, yet when someone says they want some common sense gun reform (which is another can of worms), they quickly cry Second Amendment but don’t have the same fervor for the First Amendment if it is something they don’t like. Just my two cents and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

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