Is Social Reform Our Calling As Christians?

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. Romans 1:16

Our world is a mess. Fake news, disunity, racism, immorality, hatred, fear… the list goes on. What is our duty as a Christian? Are we the ones to try and fix this? To make all the social woes go away? Is God calling us to reform this nation and make it a better place? My head is spinning lately. I feel overwhelmed and it seems everything I say is emotionally charged and polarizing to someone. This is a scary climate we are in and it’s difficult to know how to navigate.

What did Jesus do? He is our greatest example on how to engage the culture. A deep study of his life shows something very differently than how we engage today. He focused on the poor and powerless. He didn’t speak to the politics or agendas of the day. When asked he would say things like “give to Caesar what is Caesars.” His message was always about the kingdom of God. Always. He would never preach “be better” as his message because he knew it was deeper than that. He wasn’t trying to make this world a better place. You will struggle with that statement but he wasn’t. He knew that if he could get lost people to act better they still would be lost. He was interested in the spiritual. He wasn’t looking for social reform.

Now if revival happened in the hearts of people would that have a cultural effect? You better believe it! Marriages would be stronger. Morality would be the heart. Abortion clinics would shut down. Prayer would be a force. More grace and love would be shown. Yet, all of that would be for an even greater purpose. Jesus goal was to glorify His Father and to bring people to Himself. It shouldn’t surprise us that we should be about the same purpose.

So if we only address racism, immorality, politics, etc… we are putting a band aid on a amputee. Morbid illustration but needed here. For example, what have we really accomplished if we could stop racism? Nothing of eternal significance. But what if we could see police officers, protestors, racists come to see their sin and their need for Jesus? Now that changes everything. That is what our country desperately needs. Transformation. We need what Jesus preached, for them to be born again. We need salvation not social reform.

So in your posts, debates, and reflections don’t drift away from the core issue: people are sinful and need Jesus. If you think that isn’t addressing the issue you don’t know the power of the gospel!

4 thoughts on “Is Social Reform Our Calling As Christians?

  1. Dax,
    I totally agree with you. Nothing is going to change in this world without revival. The church needs to be the first ones to get on our knees and repent. We want to have things our way, not God’s way. The world needs to repent and see Jesus. We need to pray and walk in obedience. Lord forgive me for getting so caught up in everything else that pulls me away from you.
    Dax, I need the Lord more in my life. He needs to be in control, not me . Thank you for your post.

  2. That is so true what you have stated.
    I can only pray for God to show me where he needs me to go what he needs me to do because I’m definitely willing and able to.
    I will be so thankful when it will be safe that I can be in a crowd. Since I am a senior and I also have a history of asthma and allergies.
    Looking forward to the day when I can come back to church.
    Thank you for all that you post on Facebook and anywhere else.
    Our government is a mess and it has been I guess for years and I didn’t realize it. What a shame.
    We are sinful and we do need Jesus every minute of the day.

  3. Dear Pastor Dax, Thank you for boldly addressing the issues we’ve been dealing with for months/weeks now! I agree, Dax, we as a nation, have turned our backs on God! He no longer is honored and respected As the sovereign, holy God He IS! We, need the LORD to guide us and save us from the sin that destroys us from within today. My son, MST. Aaron Carl Torian, kia 2/15/14, died in Afghanistan, giving Americans the right to protest But, not to disrespect the flag, the law inforcement,who protect us from evil, and showing people, of all Cultures and creed, I died for “YOUR FREEDOM”! BE Blessed, DAX ESTA

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