I am the firstborn child and these traits of first born children fit me to a tee. What about you?

1) Firstborns see themselves, well, as first! There is only one who can be first. There is a subtle air about them. Tend to be a show off.

2) Firstborns are ambitious and highly driven. They tend to crave success. Hate failure. Fear it. Over half of Presidents have been firstborns.

3) Firstborns are people pleasers. Tend to crave approval.

4) Firstborns are perfectionists. Often setting goals that are unrealistic. When they get their mind on something they want it to be amazing, often impossibly so.

5) Firstborns are pessimistic. They tend to be realists who can get consumed by things that could go wrong (even when they often don’t). Its prt of their nature to plan, plan for the worst.

6) Firstborns do best when they marry the youngest born. The most friction occurs when a firstborn marries a firstborn (Christi and I are firstborns and have worked hard to overcome some of those challenges). This has a lot to do with opposites attracting and firstborns and youngest borns are often opposites.

7) Firstborns have greater level of confidence. Leadership comes natural. They do fear being dethroned so confidence could be compensation.

8) Firstborns get frustrated when no direction or structure exists. This is because they tend to be control freaks. Like to know what they have to work with! Tend to be listmakers or organizers.

9) Firstborns tend to have higher IQ. Second borns tend to be taller. Interesting. This might be due to parents giving undivided attention to the firstborn. Gives them a leg up in reasoning abilities.

10) Firstborns are self-motivated. Because of their desire to please and ambitious spirit they are easily motivated to succeed. They tend to be more independent and don’t need a lot of encouragement to try things.