User Names And Passwords!

I know username and passwords are necessary but they plague me! I know what you are thinking. Why don’t you just do the same username and password for everything so you don’t forget it? Well, quite frankly, I am not that smart! I have what feels like hundreds of different variations of the same word as my user name and password. Anything from my children’s age to blood type being added in the digits. It is a complicated mess!

But usernames and passwords are an evil necessity. Without them our valuable information would not be secure. It would be susceptible to evil doers.

The Word of God is my security software. It protects my mind and heart from evil. I need the security of God’s word to protect my thoughts and my motives. Without it I would be vulnerable to sin. Psalm 119:11 says I have hidden your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you. ┬áIs it easy to find the time to read and meditate on His word in the business of life? It’s not. Like usernames and passwords it can be frustrating to find the time and effort to mess with it. But you can’t afford not too! The blessings that come from drinking in the word is powerfully refreshing. It satisfies the thirst of our souls and keeps our well from running dry.
Don’t read the word today but let the word read you!


Learn from children. They have something to show you about how you should live.

Let me first say that children are precious. God sees children as invaluable. He promises divine retribution to those who hurt children. Civilized society rages against anyone who harms a child. Children must be protected at all costs. That is a timeless principle.

Now what can we learn from these precious children. Children don’t worry. They don’t worry about tomorrow, or health, or social status, or anything else that plagues adults with stress and worry. Kids just trust. Sure this trust can be misplaced. That’s why we have to protect them. But they trust those who love them. You teach them early about God and they will remind you of how awesome God is.

My six year old constantly let’s me know that no one measures up to God. God is stronger, taller, the best vegetable eater, greatest basketball player, colorer, bed-maker, and the cleanest entity in all the universe. God is His hero. He trusts Him with complete abandon. No questions asked. And my son expects me to do the same.

Jesus said: “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

That is telling! Children trust and we should trust too: feet first, all in, no holding back. Children don’t worry because they believe that someone capable will take care of their needs. Adults, it’s time for us to quit stressing and trust the Heavenly Father, who is more than capable, to take care of us.

I dedicate this post to Children’s Pastors and Directors, to Children and Nursery workers, to churches that help children in need, to programs like Jumpstart that shows the love of Christ in concrete action to kids. To all those who sacrifice so that children can learn more about their God.