More of God and Less of Me


Does God use infected saints? He chose Moses. Out of all the kings, warriors, and competent leaders, God chose a meek shepherd who had trouble putting his thoughts into words. He chose Moses to do an incredible task… to be His mouthpiece to a million Israelites. Moses had a speech impedement and zero confidence. High priority mission led by a shepherd who stumbled over his words and had no desire to lead is a recipe for disaster. All Moses insecurity paralyzed him as he stood before that burning bush and heard the voice of His God.

You can almost see Moses looking down and fidgeting as he protested,”Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?… Oh my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before or since you have spoken to Your servant, but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue” (Exodus 3:11; 4:10). We feel Moses here. He didn’t have what it took to do this. He wasn’t even close to capable. I have felt that myself. When your body temperature rises as you flush from shame over your own insecurity and weakness. The harsh reality that you don’t measure up to what the moment demands. You want to go hide. I have been there many times. God knew Moses insecurities. Did He sympathize with Him?

Actually, God’s response to Moses was not sympathy but anger. He was not moved by Moses’ humility over the recognition of his own lack of ability. He was angry because Moses failed to respond by faith in God’s ability. God responds, “Who made man’s mouth? Who makes him dumb, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak” (Exodus 4:110-12).

Moses was paralyzed by his insecurities and unworthiness. What should our approach be when we have a strong sense of our unworthiness and uselessness? Though billions of dollars are spent on books and seminars on the subject, self-esteem is not the answer for what ails us here. Notice God did not say to Moses, “Don’t cut yourself down. You are a somebody. You matter.” He doesn’t boost His self esteem. What God said was, “Stop looking at yourself. Stop focusing on your lack of talent and ability. That mouth you think doesn’t work well. I made it. Quit looking at yourself and look to me. I will help you. I will lead you. I will not call you to something I do not equip you to accomplish.”

The answer to our feelings of low self esteem is not to increase our self-esteem; it is to fall more on God’s grace. No matter how much you boost your feelings of self you are still unworthy and your self esteem is merely a facade of what is actually true about you. On your own you don’t measure up and that is ok. You don’t need too. God’s grace is more than sufficient!

Our value does not come from what we do. Did you get that? You sure you are receiving that right now? Our true value is found in Christ. The measure of our worth is in his faithfulness not our own. We do not need higher self esteem… we need less self.

I no longer live but Christ lives in me!


5 thoughts on “More of God and Less of Me

  1. Now to get this…truly get this…it is all Christ and no work is lasting that He is not in. Oh Dax thanks for your boldness. Now, for the Spirit to move it 18 inches.

  2. “Our value does not come from what we do. Did you get that? You sure you are receiving that right now? Our true value is found in Christ. The measure of our worth is in his faithfulness not our own. We do not need higher self esteem… we need less self.”
    this encapsulates a lot of what christianity does to people. it breaks them down to almost a kind of subhuman, nonexistence where they have no value at all for who they are as people. ‘we have value only in christ’ is the refrain that minimizes to the point of almost self immolation the beautiful ‘creation’ that is mankind and womankind. and yet, i see this turned around to a kind of selfrighteous false humility as well.
    of course you have value and worth in what you do and who you are, even apart from having received christ and become a disciple. otherwise, why go to school? why do anything to support your family? why wake up in the morning and do anything but sit in the center of the room on your knees praising and adoring the only valuable thing in your home… your relationship with god?

    people are infinitely more valuable than to be driven into the dirt and made to be nothing more that dirt.
    “We do not need higher self esteem… we need less self.”… Really? do you tell your kids this when they are feeling worthless and despairing of life’s difficulty? is this what you give for advice to those who you minister to when they are on the edge of suicide and profound depression and loss?
    Brother, i know it’s a very ingrained christian concept but it is wrong, destructive and harmful to fill the minds of people, especially impressionable children with this. no, i don’t want a debate about it. i’m making a comment of my opinion. please consider the implications of this teaching and what it would mean if it were really and fully carried to it’s logical end.

    1. KIA this is a common struggle for those who don’t see the power of losing yourself to gain yourself. I have been set free from my ego and the constant rat race of approval and acceptance. If you only see it as being driven into the dirt then you miss the power. When I empty myself if ego and ambition I find new our purpose and joy in Christ. I recognize the mystery of it. I have seen the power of it in my life. I see myself as having no righteousness or worth on my own. I don’t think if you evaluated my life you would be able to say that I have quit living, not accomplished things, or have no joy. Yet, I don’t find my value in this world or my own performance. That is a vicious cycle that never fulfills. He who has ears to hear let him hear

      1. “or those who don’t see the power of losing yourself to gain yourself.”

        the implication in your answer that i just don’t know or don’t see is of course false. it was my life for almost as long as you’ve been alive and certainly longer than you’ve been in christ. i’ve been where you are and from the other side of having left the faith, i can see the utter futility of what i believed and taught for decades. you will too some day. i hope. have a wonderful day brother and a great weekend.

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